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Supplies and Equipment

Supplies & Equipment

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Introducing Bob Keppel’s Car Detailing Startup Package

Robert Keppel

Bob Keppel has been a professional auto detailer since 1999. He founded Ace Car Reconditioning in Portland, OR in 2004. In 2009 he published the best-selling ebook for car detailing entrepreneurs, “Starting a Modern Car Detail Business,” which sold over 1500 copies.

Bob’s articles have been published in Detailer’s Digest, Professional Car Washing & Detailing, The Auto Detailing Network, Auto Body News, and Mobile Tech News.


“Most beginning car detailers–and many established ones–don’t know how to produce the sparkling clean cars that people pay top dollar for. And their biggest challenge is being discovered at all.

My system, which has helped 100s of people launch profitable businesses, combines top-grade equipment, an efficient detailing process, and proven Internet marketing tactics that generate profits time and time again.

I have spent my career exploring what what really works for professional car detailers… and now I want to share all my secrets with you.

“The Blueprint” gives you all the insights and skills you need to be a successful professional auto detailer.

In fact, I personally guarantee that — when you follow my system — you will make money – or I’ll refund every penny from your investment.”

I’m making money in just two weeks.
Bob, I’ve been in business for two weeks now and have 7 contracts with local car lots and doing 2 full details a day. My contracts are producing $2500.00 this month alone, I can’t thank you enough.
Ty Prince
Prince Mobile Detailing: Raleigh NC

Ty Prince


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Here’s What You Get…


Supplies & Equipment

Get the tools to make cars beautiful.

This pro-grade equipment makes cars so shiny and clean that people will pay you more than $250 for 5 hours of your time. You cannot purchase this stuff at a local store.

Detailing Supplies

Cleaners that make old cars look new.

  • Glass: 1 Gallon EazyGlass
  • Wheels: 1 Gallon EazyWheels
  • Rubber & Plastic: 1 Gallon EazyDressing
  • Jambs & Engines: 1 Gallon EazyDegreaser
  • Carpet: 16 oz. StainBlaster
  • Stay Organized! 6 color-coordinated spray bottles make it easy to work fast.

Cyclo polisher

Get the world famous Cyclo polisher with accessories you need to make paint beautiful, 
with ease.

  • Polisher: Cyclo dual head paint polisher
  • Polishing Pads: (4) waxing and (4) polishing pads
  • Compound: 32 oz. EazyCompound
  • Wax: 32 oz. EazyWax long-lasting synthetic wax
  • Gloss Enhancer: 1 Gallon SprayDetailer gloss enhancer

Supplies to detail your first 30 cars and earn $6500.

Get a lifetime 15% discount on refills orders in my store.

Brushes and tools

Specialty brushes and tools clean everywhere.

  • Scrub carpets clean: stiff bristle brush.
  • Remove bug splatter with ease: the amazing“bug” sponge
  • Remove overspray from paint: long-lasting claybar with plastic tray.
  • Clean deep in wheels: soft, long-bristle brush.
  • Clean consoles, buttons, and switches: “painters” brushes get into crevices.
  • Dry cars in less than 2 minutes: long-lasting synthetic chamois.
  • Clean and polish chrome: Extra fine grade steel wool for metal surfaces.

Microfiber towels

Microfiber towels for every task.

  • Deep-clean interiors: (24) All-purpose towels
  • Polish & Wax Paint: (12) Polish and waxing towels
  • Make Glass Flawless: (4) Lint-free glass cleaning blue towels

This is the good stuff.

“Your equipment and supplies work exactly as advertised. I know I’ve got a solution anything a customer brings to me.”
Frank Setzer
Pro Car Mobile Detailing. Bergen, NJ.

Frank Setzer



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Expert Training and Support

Learn everything I know about making money detailing cars.

Get instant access to my membership website, with over 10 hours of articles and videos that transform you from novice to professional.

Lifetime membership. Content is updated regularly, so your knowledge stays current.

Learn anywhere, any time. Access your materials from any computer,tablet, or smart phone.

Clear, easy-to-follow online lessons.

Easy to follow lessons

How to do the work.
  • Founding your business. The basics of and licenses and insurance.
  • Clean cars, fast. Master the 62 step detailing process that’s 25% faster than your competitors.
  • Fix advanced problems. Learn resolutions for water spots, pet hair, odor, chewing gum, ink stains, mold, and more.
Selling the work, with confidence.
  • Selling in person. Get instant business from body shops, car dealers, repair shops, and more.
  • Selling on the internet. Step-by-step tips to attract top-paying customers on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.
  • Customer service. How to ensure customers recommend you to friends, and how to maximize repeat business.


Hours of videos show you how to achieve spotless results, every time.
  • What to wear
  • Engine detailing
  • Floormat cleaning
  • Prep & wash
  • Claybar paint treatment
  • Airpurge interiors
  • Headliners & trunks
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Plastic panels
  • Inner door panels
  • Cleaning leather
  • Vents & steering wheel
  • Dash & console
  • Vacuuming
  • Paint scratch removal
  • Tar removal
  • Polishing chrome
  • Dressing plastic & tires
  • Paint polishing & waxing
  • Wax removal
  • Window cleaning


Watch video from “The BluePrint.”

Look over my shoulder as I detail every inch of a filthy Subaru. Learn all my tips and tricks!
  • Dashboard and console cleaning. 0:00 – 12:46.
  • Paint polishing. 12:46 – 20:40.
  • Glass cleaning. 20:40 – 40:54.
  • Presentation to customer. 40:54 – 42:20.

Get help from Bob 24 hours a day.

I’ll answer your questions on my message board.

  • Useful technical and sales advice. Get expert help.
  • Learn from other detailers. Share with other “Blueprint” members like yourself.


After 11 years…stil learning.
I run a car detailing business on the Gold Coast of Australia. Even with over 11 years of experience, I found quite a few useful tips in your course that I added to my work process. Thanks Bob.
Fabiano Salsa
Fabs Car Detailing, Gold Coast, Australia

Fabiano Salsa



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Plus…get your own custom website (at no extra cost).

Get instant business for free with the power of online advertising!

It’s a fact: car owners in your area look to the Internet first for an auto detailer. And they’ll find you, because the “The Blueprint” includes a custom website and craigslist ad to promote your business where people are looking the most.

Look like a pro. Your stylish website makes it clear you’re serious about your business.

Sell 24 hours a day. Your website works day and night to match you with the people who want and need your service.

Reach the world: Post your own website in minutes!

  • No fees of any kind. No hosting fees, no domain fees…you pay nothing to keep your site online, forever.
  • Easy setup. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in a video.
  • SEO optimized. Google places you high for searches in your city.

Bonus: Craigslist classifieds template. Stand out on the world’s busiest
car-for-sale site.

Buyers and sellers NEED you to clean their cars.
  • Look trustworthy. People will love your professional image.
  • Posting is free, and easy. Follow step-by-step video instructions.


Got my money’s worth…and more!
Your course has served me tremendously in launching and expanding my mobile detailing operation. Most of my business comes from the free website you provided. Thank you!
Ty Ascherman
On The Spot Mobile Detailing: Seaside, OR

Ty Ascherman


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this everything I will need?

There are 3 things you will need that are too large to ship: an air compressor, a pressure washer, and a vacuum, which you can get at Home Depot for $500.

Q: How much money will I make?

Full time you can make over $75,000 after expenses. Hire help and you can make close to $100,000. Part time you can make up to $40,000 working weekends and the occasional weekday.

Q: How long until I’m in business?

You’ll start studying on your computer immediately. Your supplies will arrive in 3-6 days. Practice on at least 4 cars before you post your website and get to work! Follow the program and you can be “live” within 2 weeks.

Q: Can’t I buy the equipment elsewhere, cheaper?

Maybe, but not much cheaper. Plus, everything I teach you about detailing cars in “The Blueprint” presumes that you’re using my stuff, so you really will get the best results with the complete package (course and equipment).

Q: How is “The Blueprint” better than attending a detailing school?

Those schools are expensive: at least $1000 with travel expenses.
Also, “The Blueprint” teaches you how to fix “real world” problems like cigarette, water-spotted glass, chewing gum in carpet, and pet hair removal. Schools generally train you to do the easy stuff to build you up with confidence.

Q: What if I fail? Do I get my money back?

It has happened! If you can’t make $100s a day with “The BluePrint” within 90 days, just send it back and request a refund in an email. Within 24 hours, I’ll return all your money.


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Supplies & Equipment
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